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“CycleLution’s flexibility and scalability allows ROUND2 to exceed the requirements of our clients.  Our 750,000 square feet of Redistribution Centers have recognized measurable results since the implementation of CycleLution.”


Peter Cox

Chief Technical Officer




'We at E-World Recyclers really like the Cyclelution software. One of the best parts is working with the team at Cyclelution. Their response time is quick. Their problem solving clear and easy. Overall a very good expreiance from start to finish'


Lyle J De Stigter


E-World Recyclers, LLC.


We have been searching a long to for the right recycling management system to take our company to the next level. Cyclelution has been the right fit to make that happen. Our employees have been more productive, improving their efficiency and accountability. Sales have increased with the real time and accurate inventory of what is available. We now have better relations with our clients, being able to provide them with quicker turnaround and processing of their material, plus more detailed reporting records. It looks like we made the correct choice.  


David J Furlow

Tech Valley Recycling, Inc.



With CycleLution

1)  I am able to track all aspects of the company operations from any location because of the web-based design.  This is very a convenient factor since the president is always out traveling seeking new recycling technologies and researching recycling trends and I am a new mother who occasionally needs to work from home. 

2)The Client Order Tracking System is a function that our clients love since they are able to access and track the status of their orders.  This function is the added bonus in  acquiring new clients.


3)The CycleLution team is always working on their product to make it more efficient for their clients.  They are willing to add on or adjust features based on clients’ inputs.


4) The CycleLution team is very quick to respond to any questions or issues showing us that they truly care about our company.  They go above and beyond to assist clients with software and consulting.


5) The greatest benefit in working with CycleLution is the friendship that has developed due to their genuineness in wanting to help others succeed.



Dana Jung 

E-Waste Center, Inc.



AERC/Com-Cycle chose CycleLution after investigating a number of software solutions including developing an custom and proprietary program. CycleLution proved to be the most versatile, fully developed and user friendly program in the market. When we made the decision to pursue R2/RIOS certification we knew we needed a software program to help us accomplish our goal. CycleLution has allowed us to track all of the material in the warehouse as well as implement controls with material flow. CycleLution has allowed us full transparency of all of our five electronics recycling facilities across the USA.


Corey Dehmey 




"CycleLution’s Client Order Tracking Functions is a great marketing tool for me to obtain service contracts from major clients. My clients can access and track their orders through Internet. They can also view photos of their orders and print reports and Certificate of Recycling on-line. In addition, its web-based platform allows me to access the system and work from anywhere with a PC and Internet access. It’s the best software for E-Waste Recyclers!!! "


James Ignacio
Operation Manager

Happy Recyclers



" I am serious it is your software that wins my clients over, they are sold once I show them the web based tracking system"


Robert McGrath





"As owner of the business, accessing real time order and inventory data whenever I need is essential. CycleLution’s reporting capability lets me gather all the information accurately and quickly” 

PresidentElectronic Recycling Center


Jacky Chen


Electronic Recycling Center



"The Web-Based design of CycleLution Software enables me to track all of the orders and inventories anytime, anywhere from my PC with Internet access. I no longer need to go through the pile of papers and running between office and the warehouse to fulfill the paperworks. The Report Center also make reporting and analysis so much easier. I am able to track the performance of each client at anytime.


Darrel Kang
Director of Operation

Software Application Areas

OEMs and Corporations 

It is often challenging for OEMs and Corporations to track the retired equipment from internal use or returned products once sent to the downstream vendors for disposition.  CycleLution Cloud Recycling Platform enables OEMs and Corporations to accomplish following tasks in a cost effective yet efficient way. 
  • manage downstream recycling vendors and their certifications and qualifications
  • allow downstream vendors to log in to verify receipt of assets and update status of process
  • track and maintain records of the assets 

IT Asset Disposition Companies  
E-Scrap Recyclers and Processors
Other Waste Stream Reccylers 
From Client Management, Order Entry, Order Tracking, Logistics Scheduling, Shipment Receiving and Loading, Inventory Processing, Packaging, Bar Coding, Product Grading and Transferring, Serialized Asset Tracking, Container Booking, Multiple Sites Management, Weigh Ticket Reading, Invoicing, to Compliance and Reporting, CycleLution Cloud Platform connects every step of the recycling process seamlessly  and reflects data in real-time regardless of numbers of locations and users. Your important customers can also track order status, print invoices and receiving report,s view photos, and print Certificate of Recycling of their shipments online. 

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