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Challenges Faced by E-Waste Recyclers


As technologies continue advancing, computers and electronic devices are being retired faster. Many Electronic Waste(E-Waste) Recyclers have emerged to tap into this growing industry. However, due to the lack of well developed software solutions tailored for the special needs of electronic waste recycling operation, Recyclers have been relying on basic spreadsheets, word documents, or even hand writing to manage their process and are facing following operational challenges


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1. Deficiency due to unintegrated operation flows

2. Broken communication both internally between departments and externally with customers

3. Shortfall on documentation and record keeping

4. Lack of shipment tracking  

5. Difficulty of inventory control

6. Lack of integrated data for important analysis
 Software for E-Waste Recyclers Ewaste Recycler recycling Software  Inventory management software scrap recycling recycler Recycling Software

Software for E Waste Recycler
Ewaste recycler software Inventory management software scrap recycling recycler
Electronic Waste Recycling Software
Software for Electronic Waste Recycling 

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CycleLution Software for E-Scrap Recovery and Recycling Operation

At CycleLution, we strive to provide the best solutions to E-Waste Recyclers.
CycleLution Software for E-Waste Recycler is designed from the actual  Electronic Waste( E-Waste) recycling operation.
Different from many traditional installation-based software, CycleLution Software is built with the CLOUD COMPUTING and S-a-a-S ( Software-as-a-Service ) technology  so that users can access the Software virtually anywhere, anytime.  r2 responsible recycler estewards certification audit certified compliance software  
From Client Management, Order Entry, Order Tracking, Logistics Scheduling, Shipment Receiving and Loading, Inventory Processing, Packaging, Bar Coding, Product Grading and Transferring, Container Booking, Multiple Sites Management, Weigh Ticket Reading, Invoicing, to Compliance and Reporting, CycleLution's web-based platform connects every aspect of the recycling operation seamlessly  and reflects data in real-time regardless of numbers of locations and users. Your important customers can also track order status, print invoices and receiving report,s view photos, and print Certificate of Recycling of their shipments on-line.


Different from traditional Windows based software, CycleLution is build upon Web 2.0 platform allowing users to access and use the software through Internet 24/7/365 from any computer using username and password, just like checking your Yahoo or MSN e-mail.

Based on different budgets and needs, Recyclers can choose from several different implementation options, such as Self Host with Software Licensing and Installation, Hosted Service with Monthly Lease, or Lease-to-Own.
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