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PopScrap - Point of Purchase Scrap Software
“Only in the Cloud, can your prayers be answered”

CycleLution and PopScrap - Cloud Alliance


Together CycleLution and PopScrap offer the most complete and affordable Recycling Software Solution on the market.


Start your public transactions using PopScrap’s fast and simple mobile software and then manage, ship and track your inventory using CycleLution’s easy to use commercial tracking application.


Low Start up costs and low monthly fees make this Alliance the simple choice, the right choice and the best choice for your recycling center.

About PopScrap is a U.S. based software provider to the international scrap, waste and recycling industry with a special emphasis on providing affordable software and hardware solutions in many of the most popular platforms including Windows, Android and coming soon for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

What makes different from other software providers is the way we designed our corporate structure to allow PopScrap to keep its products priced well below the competition and still deliver full featured software solutions for years to come.

  • Multiple Languages
  • Online Data Visibility in Real Time from anywhere in the world
  • Mobile Application runs on Android and Windows 7 Machines is the first to provide a full cross-platform software solution to the scrap industry. This means your software runs native on each device and is not browser based software. PopScrap provides each customer with an online portal called the “Back-Office” that gives real time information and reports with full connectivity to all locations instantly without the need for additional expensive hardware. Co-Founder Stacy Duty, has spent the last six years listening and responding to the needs of the scrap and recycling industry. As a former sales executive and support technician for two of the most popular software companies in America our co-founder has installed and trained 100′s of Recyclers throughout the United States, in doing so noticed some large holes left in the market place for mobile scrap software.


For more information about how PopScrap Mobile Solution and CycleLution can help manage your recycling center, please contact us


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