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CycleLution Fits all Types of Recyclers
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The flexibility, customizability, and scalibility makes CycleLution Software for Recyclers the one and only software that is capabile of handling recycling operations of all types and all sizes.

Whether you are a small recycling center, scrap metal recycler, buyback center, or a multilple-location recycling operation, CycleLution Software for Recyclers provides the solutions you need at the cost you can afford.

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Small to Mid-Sized Recycling Centers

For Recycling Centers, the speed and accuracy of ticket entry determines the efficiency of the operation. CycleLution's simplified Buyback Ticket Entry and Payment Management functions let you finish a ticket and payment within a fraction of time.

It also let users capture useful or required information, such as ID, Fingerprints, License Plate Number, Vehicle Make, Type, Model, and Color, for tracking and reporting purposes. Its intuitive interface also lets users familiarize themselves with the software within hours of use.

Large Recycling Facilities

Having real-time data available anywhere anytime for both your users and clients is a challenge for large recycling facilities.

Inbound_ReceivingCycleLution's web-based platform lets all of your users and clients access the software and real-time data from any computer anytime with the usernames and passwords assigned by your administrator. Account Managers no longer have to run to warehouse for Receiving Reports or to call Accounting for payment status. Clients no longer have to call Account Reps for pick up schedule, reports,  or payment status. Warehouse receiving can see all in-coming and out-going shipments in advance so they can prepare the loading docks. 

With CycleLution, your operation is streamlined and communication connected. Data is consolidated thus reporting and analyses are made easy!  


Multiple Locations and Worldwide Operations

One Centralized Server and Database for All of your Locations at No Additional Cost.

Different from traditional workstation-based software that requires individual installation and additional hardware setup as users increase, CycleLution's web-based platform centralizes your database and servers at one location. All users can access the software and data through internet virtually anytime, anywhere. As your operation continues to grow, your hardware and server expense associated with CycleLution always stays the same.  You can have a new facility up and running in CycleLution within minutes without any additional configuration or spending. 


Options for Different Budgets

At CycleLution, we believe our success comes from our clients' success. We offer different licensing options that fits different needs and budgets. Whether you run a small recycling center,  a multiple-location recycling company, or a multinational operation, we have the right package for your specific Software needs.

Our three basic licensing options


One Time Licensing and Client Installation
The application and database will be installed on your server at your site. We will assist you set up your networking and servers so that your employees and clients can access the software through internet. One time licensing fee, initial configuration and training, and annual maintenance fees apply.


Leasing with Hosted Service

The application and data will be hosted on a third-party or our secured servers.  We will set up and configure the server and then provide you with administrator access to create your own users. All of your users and clients will be able to access the software through internet. Instead of one time licensing and annual maintenance fees, you will pay an initial set up and training fee and monthly leasing payments.


Lease-to-Own Option

Initially, the application and data-base will be hosted on a third-party or our servers for a pre-determined leasing period. At the end of leasing term, the software and data-base will be moved to your on-site servers.

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