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ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

CycleLution ISO Consulting for Recycling Companies
ISO 14001 is a documented environmental management system that allows a company to control their environmental impacts through measuring and monitoring the operational and environmental processes. Environmental objectives and targets are established to create continual improvement in the effort to prevent pollution and minimize the carbon footprint.

ISO 14001 is an documented and auditable system and by obtaining certification through a Certification Body, companies can save thousands of dollars on environmental cost, have a well-organized system for monitoring company performance, and display the company's corporate social responsibility in a tangible, everyday commitment to the environment. Furthermore, certification can be used as a powerful tool in obtaining a clientele base of organizations that only do business with service companies and vendors that are ISO 14001 certified, such as many government agencies, manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies. Thereby, a company can obtain a competitive advantage and establish working relationships with sought after customers.

Consultants with extensive experience in the recycling and electronic waste industry will implement your system in two to four months for some of the most competitive rates available. Due to background knowledge of the industry, an established working relationship with a Certification Body Registrar and a hands-on approach to developing and implementing an EMS and training your personnel to maintain the EMS, your system is guaranteed to be far superior to what is provided by other consultants not versed in the industry. The advantage of choosing CycleLution's ISO 14001 Consultants to build your Environmental Management System is clear. We know e-waste, we know a successful approach and we know how to make your company more marketable.

ISO 14001 9001 consulting R2 Consulting R2 Certification R2 Certified ISO 14001 9001 Certified 
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Responsible Recycler (R2) Certification Consulting


We provide ISO and R2 Consulting Services through our contracted consultants. Our consultants have helped many Recyclers successfully obtain Certification with reasonable budget.  We will also coordinate your audit with reputable registrars. For more information, please contact us.
 ISO 14001 9001 consulting R2 Consulting R2 Certification R2 Certified ISO 14001 9001 Certified 
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Why become R2 certified?
What R2 certification tells your customers
R2 certification distinguishes your company as a leader in many ways.  Choosing to become R2 Certified tells your customers that your firm:
·         Cares about the environment here in the U.S., and globally.
·         Takes environmental responsibilities seriously.
·         Creates a system of accountability for their electronic equipment, all the way to final disposition.
·         Data security is a top priority.
·         Adheres to the highest industry standards and best practices.
·         Is an industry leader in operations, safety, and environmental.

What R2 Solutions does for your company
As the housing entity for the R2 Practices standard, R2 Solutions is dedicated to ensuring the R2 standard has a lasting, positive impact on the electronics recycling industry.  By becoming an R2 certified processor, here are just a few ways that R2 Solutions will be working for you:
·         Increase awareness for R2 Practices amongst large-scale generators of scrap electronics, and municipal and state governments.
·         List your certified facilities in the directory on the R2 Solutions website.
·         Will continue to works with key industry stakeholders to ensure the standard evolves to meet the industry’s future challenges and needs.
·         Represents the interests of R2 certified processors and stakeholders in national and international forums.
·         Creates and open, and transparent, platform for managing this important industry standard.